The jungle air sat stagnant and moist
Like the thick, warm breath of some unseen monster.
The black night’s white stars loomed over the Amazon
Like the clusters of mosquitos that buzzed and stalked the river’s edge.

After traipsing through the jungle, misguided, hungry and dehydrated
Like contestants battling it out in a survival game show
Three travelers struggle against nature’s elements and fate’s plan
Like trying to outrun a race with mortality nestled past the finish line.

After making a weak campfire, its flames begging to lick the night sky
Like a hot orange hand with its fingers tickling the base of the treetops.
The three lost travelers surround the fire’s edge
Like small, roasting puppies eager for an owner’s attention.

Sadness and silence fell upon them as they sunk into nostalgia
Like holidays and baby books, heirlooms and photos.
They yearned for the ability to finally sleep
Like memories and dreams could wash away their obvious fates.



2 thoughts on “Survive”

  1. A sad but hopeful poem. The last line is my favourite line. Memories and dreams are what makes us hope and convince ourselves that there may be a better tomorrow. They are also the things that help us carry on in the hardest of times – both of which warm us and help us to see much more positively.

    I’ve never been lost in a jungle before. I’ve been out hiking in bushland here in Australia for a few times. Each time I’ve followed a marked path. Even then, I’d always feel like I’m lost since my surroundings tend to always look the same 😀


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